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The Beginning of the End


It's been a journey, folks. I can't believe my publishing journey is entering one of its final phases.

Before we go forward, let's look back together.

Starting in July 2020 I sat down and began something I've always wanted to do - write a novel.

But for those who know me, they know it wasn't my first attempt. I wrote half of the first book in a fantasy trilogy way back in high school, scribbling prose with a black felt tip pen in a beautiful brown leather notebook in between classes, tennis practices, and homework.

Sadly, my manuscript was stolen. A victim of teenage angst and jealousy. When I discovered it months later: it was defiled: pages torn, scribbles over scenes, you name it.

I was devastated. Demotivated. I wanted to get back on the horse and try again but the pain was too raw, it cut too deep. I vowed to finish it before my high school graduation but as is often the case: life intervened.

College applications, AP classes, friends, girls.

These tore my attention away and soon I had forgotten my pain.

As college arrived, new friends, new classes, and gorgeous Blacksburg greeted me. Pulling me further away from my novel. Over time, it sat stuffed in a corner, within a backpack waiting. It remains there to this day.

Looking back on it now I see the entire episode as a blessing. My prose, characters, story while amazing, lacked the depth, voice, and point of view that only the seasonings of life can provide.

This novel has that.

In it, I pull from my myriad of life experiences, friends I've met, places I've been, and the notes app on my phone. There are fantastic characters both planned and unplanned, crazy settings, and thrilling dialogue.

The entire process of crafting, editing, and reaching towards the goal of finishing was incredible and inspiring.

Even more so because I somehow managed to write this novel while:

- in the middle of the COVID pandemic

- in evening grad school

- working full-time

- helping my beautiful wife through our first pregnancy

AND Ironically life tried its best to intervene once again!

I finished the first draft exactly 19 days before my beautiful daughter, Amelia, entered this world. Talk about good timing!

Now, where do we go from here?

Well, it's (mostly) up to me, but there's something you can do. Three things actually:

  1. Share, share, share. Go on social, light a signal fire, send radio waves into space. Whatever you can do to help spread the word of this novel. When you do please try and use the hashtag #theterminalcode and tag me.

  2. Pre-order a copy, or copies. Each sale helps support production costs. If those costs are met then I can bring even more copies of my book into the world for people to enjoy.

  3. Sign-up for my newsletter on this site. I'll be sharing blog posts like this one throughout my publishing journey and sending updates on things like Picking My Cover, final word count, and much more.

Last but not least, thank you. Thank you for listening (or reading), thank you for sharing, and thank you for your support. It means the world to me.

J.W. Galliger

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